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Pregnancy Chiropractic at O’Kane Chiropractic

parents with hands on pregnant bellyThere’s no better time to start chiropractic care than when you’re expecting. We help women from before they become pregnant through every trimester and postpartum recovery. Our extremely safe, gentle care makes your pregnancy more comfortable and enjoyable, while preparing you for a better delivery.

Whatever your relationship with medication was like before, Dr. Brett and Dr. Samantha will help you find an all-natural, 100% healthy solution for back pain, pelvis pain, round ligament pain, and heartburn. Our goal is to enable you to enjoy all nine months without pain or dysfunction, so you can focus on your growing family and celebrate your new little life.

Keeping You Comfortable From Head to Toe

Many moms report a quicker and easier delivery after receiving regular adjustments than after pregnancies without chiropractic care. By bringing your pelvis into proper alignment, we ensure everything is in place for a smooth delivery.

During your appointment, we may manipulate your back, neck, pelvis, or even diaphragm if you’ve been struggling with heartburn. We also focus on adjusting your round ligament, which opens up space in the uterus and makes it easier for the baby to move into the right place.

At O’Kane Chiropractic, we’ll use many of the same basic adjusting techniques that we use on the general population, while also caring for any muscles in pain with myofascial release. Our specialized pillows let you lie on your stomach to enjoy some extra rest you can’t find at home.

What to Expect

We recommend coming in weekly throughout all three trimesters for the best experience of pregnancy and birth.

When you first come in, we’ll start with an initial consultation, complete with a health history, assessment, and detailed examination, before creating a personalized plan of care for your needs. Of course, we won’t do any X-rays.

Give Your Body Better Care Today

We’d love to come alongside you as you welcome your new baby into the world. Schedule now.

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