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About O’Kane Chiropractic

An Enthusiasm for Wellness

O'Kane Chiropractic logoWe want to promote a more active lifestyle, end debilitating pain, and help people return to their work and personal activities so they can thrive. Our goal isn’t just to get you out of pain, but also to help you jump back into the daily rhythms you’ve been missing out on.

Instead of trying to fit our agenda, our doctors adapt our approach to where you are, using our range of techniques and therapies to welcome you into a better quality of life.

Hometown Expertise You Can Trust

Families love our happy, lighthearted environment. Many patients are surprised by how comfortable and effective chiropractic care is—and that a petite female like Dr. Samantha can achieve such incredible results!

We’re excited to be traveling with O’Kane Chiropractic into its next season of providing the same evidence-based care that Dr. Allen provided for 38 years. Since Dr. Brett and Dr. Samantha met in chiropractic college, they studied, worked, and did everything together. It was always their goal to open a practice together one day.

After working as associate chiropractors for a few years, they knew they were ready to take the leap, while hoping to return to Bristol to be near family. Finding a practice that matched their core values, techniques, and philosophy felt like a dream come true. From adjustments to laser therapy and acupuncture, there isn’t much we don’t do.

Restoring You to the Good Life

One woman in her fifties spent 20 years seeing a chiropractor twice a week, but she still had terrible back and neck pain. We didn’t just get to work with adjustments; we also gave her tools to understand and care for her own health at home.

For the next two years that we cared for her, she stayed out of pain—and spent a lot less time at the chiropractic clinic!

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Every step of the healing process is tailored to your condition, expectations, and goals. Contact us to schedule now.

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